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Corner View Welcomes Jersey

Corner View recently purchased their first ever Jersey who gave birth on May 29th, 2107 to a beautiful little heifer calf. Mom and baby are both doing well and loving their new home. Mom beign so much smaller than her fellow Holsteins, wasn't sure how to stand in the robot the first couple milkings. She now understands that you get pellet treats while in the robot, and she wouldn't want to miss that!

Our Heifers MAong First To Get Activity Tracking Monitors

Our heifers in the front pasutre have gotten some new jewlery.  With the help of Pennsylvania's Center for Dairy Excellence's help Corner View was able to put activity tracking monitors on nine of our heifers. These trackers measure how much they walk, how much they chew, how much they eat and gives us a predicted heat watch.

Getting our Field Work Done

A rainy end to May put some pressure on us to get our field work in on the days we could. Although this heat wave this past week has really helped kick start our plants and they have all grown like crazy the past few days. We are looking forward to a great growing season so we can feed our ladies well this year. 

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